Porcelain Laminate

Aesthetic or not, the most important criteria for dental treatment is keeping healthy and good dental tissue safe. According to this reason, the porcelain laminate method aims to thin down and slim the tissue rather than cutting it. The dental tissue remains intact and the thinned section is coated with porcelain laminate.

Why Porcelain Laminate?

Lack of proper dental care can cause yellowing on teeth which can’t be solved with brushing or whitening. Besides that, genetic factors can also cause unsolvable yellowing and different color tones even with proper dental care. In these situations, porcelain laminate can solve this problem easily.
Besides the color, aesthetic imperfections can occur on teeth. A natural look can be achieved and imperfections like wide gaps between teeth, broken, crooked or chipped teeth can be fixed with porcelain laminate.
This procedure can be applied to anyone except small children. The patient must be over 18 in order to finish jawbone and teeth development. Patients who experience gum recession because of smoking or jawbone defects also can’t have this procedure.