Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings

After cleaning a decayed tooth, dentists apply dental filling to the missing part of the tooth. Dentists also decide which kind of dental filling to apply according to the patient’s dental structure, decayed tooth’s size, and patients gum status. There are 3 main dental filling types: Composite, Amalgam, and Porcelain fillings.

Composite Fillings

The color of the composite filling is white. After applied to the desired area, these fillings are hardened with the help of blue light. Composite fillings are highly durable and can be applied to all kinds of teeth including grinder teeth. Because they have the most aesthetic appearance, it is also advised to use it on incisor (front) teeth. Among other dental fillings, composite fillings are the most expensive ones.

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings are made out of some metals and mercury and they are often used on grinder teeth because they are durable. These kinds of fillings are advised lesser on modern medicine and they are cheaper compared to composite fillings. Because they have mercury inside, most of the dentists are stopped advising it and soon, it is expected to remove it on the market.

Porcelain Fillings

On the first session of porcelain fillings, patient’s measurements are thoroughly made. After the measurement, the filling is prepared and applied onto tooth on the second session. It can be perceived that it is not durable because of the name “porcelain” but it is highly durable. Besides that, it appears more like a natural tooth and it does not harm gums or dental tissue.

Except Amalgam fillings, composite and porcelain fillings can be used right after the session. You can easily eat and drink after the treatment. Although, dentist advice eating and drinking 1-2 hours after the session because of the anesthesia. With or without dental fillings, it is strongly recommended to be cautious biting on hard or tough-shelled food. After the filling, it is also recommended to provide proper dental care because filled teeth can have decays again like natural teeth if not cleaned.

After the tooth filling, you can experience discomfort with your tongue but it is totally normal for first days after the session. If you are feeling discomfort after multiple weeks, you can consult with your dentist.


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