Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is a process which removes nerves located at the bottom of a tooth. It is a treatment to be done after serious tooth decay or a tooth trauma caused by a physical impact. After removing the nerves, the root canal is expanded and cleaned. The exposed cavity is sterilized with special treatments and filled with filling material by the dentist. After filling the cavity, the upper structure can also be filled if it is necessary for an aesthetic look.

Why Root Canal Treatment Should Be Done

The infection and decay on a tooth root can be treated with a root canal process. The tooth will be senseless and pain-free but roots can be stuck to the bone for a lifetime. Leaving the root on the bone can help to avoid the jaw bone thinning in later ages.

You can easily miss a tooth decay on early stages. The tooth decay messes the tooth enamel first, and the moves into the inner parts of the tooth, hurting the nerves. After that point, you will be experiencing a lot of pain and probably go to a dentist. When the bacteria caused the tooth decay once reaches the nerve, you will start experiencing sensitiveness to cold and hot beverages. On this stage, if it is not treated, the decay reaches the nerve, causes an infection while damaging the nerves and infection spreads thru the jawbone.

If a patient didn’t get a root canal treatment, the solution might end up with a surgical operation. If you do not want to lose your tooth, you must immediately see a dentist when you feel sensitivity and discomfort on hot and cold beverages.

The Lifespan of the Root Canal Treatment

If it is done properly by a specialist dentist, a root canal treatment will last for a lifetime. It is a low-risk procedure with a high success rate and because your natural tooth is intact, you can use your own tooth for a lifetime.

The Root Canal treatment and dental fillings can be done in almost an hour and you can carry on with your Daily routine without any discomfort. After the procedure, it is recommended to stop eating and drinking for 1 to 2 hours. It is an exhausting procedure for gums and you can feel a little discomfort and pain but it is temporary and goes away after a few days. If you are still experiencing pain after a few days, you should contact your dentist.


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