The botox treatment is popular in removing wrinkles on face but nowadays it is used for dental treatments along with the aesthetic concerns. Especially if you are grinding your teeth at night and clenching your jaw like you are about to break your teeth, this type of disease can cause wearing and sensitivity on teeth.

The most probable cause of grinding and clenching is excessive tightening on cheek muscles. If you are hearing bone cracking on your jaw and teeth grinding at night, you can get rid of them with botox treatment. Some of the most probable causes of the teeth clenching are stress and adjustment disorder on the jawbone.

Botox Treatment on teeth

The botox products are prejudged on society because of the false applications. But the medically necessary treatment of the botox could save you from bad habits like teeth grinding and teeth clenching. With the proper injection of botox on the cheek muscles can stop unwanted muscle contractions and relax the cheek muscles. The botox treatment does not harm muscles and it does not affect your eating. The treatment only aims to stop unwanted contractions of the muscles.

The botox injections must be done by a dentist and applied with the proper dosage, it does not cause any harm to your health. You can have a good night sleep while botox injection stops excessive contracting signals on your cheek muscles. If you don’t have a high-level of wear on your teeth, they can get back to their natural strength in time. Of course, the proper diagnosis will be done by your dentist.

What is Botox?

Botox is commonly used for aesthetics and medical treatments. Contrary to general belief, botox is not a chemical, it is a protein. It is in harmony with the human body and when the proper dosage is not exceeded, it is totally unharmful. It is commonly used on aesthetic treatments and nowadays it is widely used for teeth clenching and jawbone contracting.

In order not to have unpleasant outcomes, botox treatment must not be done by fake or unofficial clinics. If you are thinking about your own health, you must get this treatment from specialist dentists and dental clinics.


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