Breath Odor

Breath Odor ( Bad Breath, Malodor)

Bad Breath or Breath Odor is known as halitosis in medical literature, is a disease that has a negative effect on a person’s social life. The bad odor which comes in nose and mouth is mostly originated from inside the mouth. People who suffer from this disease probably has trouble communicating with others and self-trust issues.

The origin of the bad breath must be investigated by the dentist immediately. Nowadays, it is a common disease which a dentist deals with.

Why breath odor occurs?

Breath odor can be experienced with patients of all ages. Nowadays, every 1 person out of 2 has this disease. Usually, men have this disease compared to women and most of the people tries to prevent it with mouth spray, which is not a permanent solution. With a dental inspection and a dentists approach, this disease can be avoided permanently.

On later ages, the chance of getting the disease increases. The cause of the disease can be physical or pathological. In 20% of the cases, the mouth is not the source of the problem.

Dental Gum diseases, tongue plaques, infections, fungus, old implants and prosthesis, dental decays, misapplication of dental fillings, acid reflux, loss of fluidity on saliva, mouth cancer and infected tonsils can cause bad odor.

Breath odor must be eliminated. Breath odor could be a symptom for a much more serious illness like leukemia, blood diseases, AIDS and much more. If you can’t get rid of the odor even if you have proper dental care, you must contact a doctor.

Smoking a cigarette or other tobacco products is a probable cause for breath odor. A heavy smoker will have a breath odor if not provided with proper dental care. Smokers must properly clean their tongue along with dental care.

Treatment of the Breath Odor

Proper dental care is the simplest home-applicable treatment for bad odor. With the regular brushing, proper tongue cleaning and flossing could help to remove the bad odor. Besides that, quitting smoking and regular dental exams are essential too. Tiny decays on teeth and displaced tooth fillings can also cause bad odor.


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