Mouth, Tooth and Jaw Surgery

Mouth, Tooth and Jaw Surgery

Mouth, Tooth and Jaw Surgery has a work area in all tissues, teeth, jaw, and jaw bone joints inside a mouth. According to the level of disease, the surgical operations are done under the local or general anesthesia.

What is Mouth, Tooth and Jaw Surgery and what does it do?

Mouth, Tooth and Jaw Surgery has a wide area of treatments and it is consist of :

–    Implants

–    Jawbone and Jawbone Tissue reconstruction

–    Treatments of Jaw and Jawbone joints

–    Treatments of infections on the Jaw

–    Cleaning the cysts and tumors around Cheeks, Oral Plate, tongue, lips and inner muscles

–    Preparing the bones and tissues before prosthesis treatments

–    Removing the impacted tooth

Is tooth extraction necessary?

All specialist dentists must show the best possible effort to the tooth and extracting a tooth must be a final resort. After all the efforts done by a dentist, if there is an untreatable level of decay or tooth dissolving, tooth extraction might be necessary. If an unrecoverable tooth is not extracted, the tooth decay starts an infection and might affect jawbone or other healthy teeth.

The unrecoverable teeth or tooth roots, impacted teeth, excessively unpositioned teeth, teeth which is impossible to align and severely infected teeth can be extracted.

Mouth, Tooth, and Jaw Surgical Treatments

The most common treatments of Mouth, Tooth and Jaw Surgery is tooth extraction and cist or tumor removal. Especially impacted teeth cause cysts and tumors. If those cysts and tumors are not removed, they can cause osteolysis. In order to prevent osteolysis, these cists and tumors must be removed.

Untreated cysts spread and become tumors eventually. Tumors are more dangerous than cysts and they weaken the jaw bone causing multiple teeth loses and even broken jaw bones.


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